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Peachy Picks: Hosting Made Easy

If you know me, you'll know I love to host! I am also a sucker for a theme, menu and set up. So take it from the hostess with the mostest (yes I am giving myself the crown), here are the 3 easy steps you need to make your next event, dinner or get-together with friends a memorable hit!

Step 1: Set the Scene

 Before you even think about writing a grocery list or getting out the vacuum, think about what 'vibe' you want from the event as this will impact all of the decisions made.

Summer Lunch: For a relaxed, daytime event you might opt for an alfresco setting with a mixture of seating styles. Think floor cushions, outdoor lounges or even adding cushions to your retaining walls. Grab a portable speaker and choose an upbeat playlist (Examples on Spotify: Summer Throwbacks and Summer BBQ). Summer styling also calls for bright colours, natural textures and lightweight fabrics. Pair our Luna Linen Napkins in Light Beige with wooden accents in your serving boards (Example: Leonardo Pizza Paddle or Long Robin Cheese Board). Decorations could include paper lanterns, bright florals and coloured candle sticks.

 Image: Jessica Nguyen


Elegant Dinner Party: For a sophisticated soiree (yes we are at the age where we now have soirees) we want moody lighting, mature colours and a retro playlist (our favourite is this Spotify one). Pair our Luna Linen Napkins in Dark Olive with tapered candles and the Charlie Display Tray in Black. On your tray you could put a decanter, scotch glasses and some nuts and olives. You also need the ultimate cheese board (Oliver Deluxe Cheese Board) because after dinner adults don't have dessert, they have cheese and wine. 

Image: Platings and Pairings. 

Step 2: Choose the Menu

Menu choice should be reflective of your scene! So ensure there is a correlation between the vibe you want and the food you are serving up. 

Ladies Brunch: Call over your best girlfriends for a chic and tasty brunch. Style with pastels and lots of natural light! Our Luna Linen Napkins in Dusk Pink would work here as would our Rosie Teaspoons in a range of colours! 

A brunch menu should be a combination of sweet, savoury and easy to eat (we want our guests to keep the food on plates and off cute dresses - this is where the napkins come in handy). 


- Chocolate Chunk Chai Banana Muffins 

- Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Mushrooms

- Crispy Corn Fritters

- Ricotta Hotcakes

Finish it off with a DIY Mimosa bar and you are set!


Step 3: Coordination

I get it, the planning is fun, the day of/before is not! The stress sets in and you forgot an ingredient on your grocery shop, your soufflé isn't rising, the toilet isn't cleaned and the guests will be here any minute. This is where a little pre-event organisation comes in handy (to avoid the hurdles, or at least make them easier to jump!).

The Week Before:

- Write your grocery list (check what is already in your pantry/fridge) and buy the non-perishables.

- Wash your linen and locate any other styling pieces you need - gather these all together in a free space ready to go.

- Check the weather - make amendments to your setting if needed (add blankets and hot chocolate or buy paper fans and stock up on ice). 

1-2 Days Before:

- Buy perishable items and prep any menu items that can be prepped (Roll the arancini, make the pasta sauce, etc). Anything that you can avoid doing on the day should be done! 

- Put drinks in the fridge.

- Clean the house! If you have no children at home, you might even be able to do some Stage 1 setting up! 

- Pick an outfit, you won't have time for this later. 

- Write a list of each menu item and the time they take so you are prepared.

Day Of:

- Cook anything that still needs to be cooked.

- Buy ice if needed and fill an ice bucket for easy access by your guests. 

- Light tidy up of the house, light a candle in the bathroom and replace the hand towel. Finish up your styling and decorating. 

- Get platters and serving boards ready. 

- Wash up straightaway, no matter how tempting it is to leave everything! 

30 Minutes to 1 Hour Before:

- Get dressed! Don't forget this step. 

- Put music on! Remember Step 1. 

- Enjoy your event! Now is the fun part.