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About Us

Hi! We are Peach and May, attempting to revamp the way you gift.

A little about us, we are husband and wife from Sydney, Australia and are two polar opposites when it comes to gifting, who do you relate to most?

1. Peach - she does her Christmas shopping in September, she loves to gift and tries to make them personal, she also can't keep her gifts a secret and will tell you what she got you 3 months out from your birthday. Her love language is gift giving so no surprises there. 

2. May - he takes a more laidback approach to gifting. Why rush when something better could come along a week before? or even the night before? Nothing says 'I love you' like a printed out gift voucher on Christmas morning (that is a true story). 


So essentially, we started Peach and May to help out the Mays get themselves organised, but also to help the Peaches achieve all of their gifting goals. If you don't know where to start, we suggest taking our quiz on Gift Helper page. 


No matter what kind of gifter you are, we bet we have something for you!