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Peachy Picks: A Guide to Gifting

I love gifts. I love to receive them, but not as much as I love to give them. Gifts are gestures of affection, they show how deeply you know a person and at the very least, bring a smile to their face. 

Christmas is the time for gifting, whether that be through physical gifts, gifts of service or spending quality time with your loved ones. We have rounded up a gift for each person on your naughty or nice list to make this gifting season easier and to help you treat your loved ones to a gift they will love and remember for years to come. 


Dad is an enigma. Dad has everything, and nothing, all at the same time. We get it, dads are hard. Our Peach and May dads are no exception. Dads love to know you put effort in so we are sure you'll impress him with these recommendations. 

For the dad who loves a drink

For the Gordon Ramsay dad



What do you get the woman who has literally kept you alive for decades, loves you more than anything, and deserves the world (but you can't afford that)? Make her feel special. Mums don't want expensive gifts, they want to be celebrated and remembered. 

  • A Jane silk pillowcase for her much needed beauty sleep after worrying about you over the years. 
  • A set of Rosie teaspoons + a promise to have a coffee catch up with her more regularly than you normally do. 
  • Molly drink bottle because mum you need to take care of yourself as much as you take care of us. Stay hydrated! 
  • A set of Christmas ornaments with each family members name, a gift she'll cherish and remember year after year. 


For the young male:

I get my brother clothes every year so this year I will be shaking things up, if this sounds like you keep reading. 

  • Capulet Keyring for the car he loves more than you and also so he cannot misplace keys to the car.
  • Jack Bottle Opener because has he not told you how cool he is now and how often he goes out with his mates? 


For the young female:

If you are a brother reading this, your sister deserves a nice gift for organising all of the gifts for everyone else in your family. 

These gifts are also perfect for your best friend, make sure she knows how much you love her! 


Furry Friends:

This year was hard for everyone except our furry friends. They had unlimited attention and love for months. As we move back to normal, don't forget about your furry loves and treat them to a very special gift. 



Buying a gift for your in-laws is hard! Whether they remind you of the parents from Everybody Loves Raymond, or they're more of a Mr and Mrs Brady, you want to get them something they'll love!

  • A personalised family cheese board is sure to win them over, or reaffirm their love for you! We encourage the use of cultural images and special phrases to increase the meaning behind the gift. 


Extended Family and Work Colleagues:

For the next tier in gift giving, it is important to find something meaningful without the added expense. As our Christmas lists grow over the years it can be hard to budget for the gifting. 


The Work KK:

KK gifts are stressful! Sometimes you draw a name out and you're not even sure where they sit, what their coffee order is or which department they work in. (No judgement here). At the same time you have a budget to adhere to. We have rounded up some budget friendly, thoughtful gifts that are KK fool-proof. 

Thank you for reading our gift guide, we hope it helped you cross a couple of gifts off of your list this year! As a thank you, enjoy 15% off on your next purchase. Use the code: PEACHYFAN82 at check out.